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Monday, March 15, 2010

The Kenwood KC-135 was designed by utter morons as was most other car stereo stuff!

It is true that I may need anger management therapy but...
Installed a nice Kenwood stereo in my White tractor. It has really good am and fm and it was on sale. But-the people who design car stereos should be a little more in touch with the consumer. I personally wonder if the KC-135 would fit into it's designer's rectum and I would kind of like to be the one to place it there.
How difficult can it be to design controls on a car stereo. You need, volume, bass, treble, balance, and tuning. Station presets are great to have as well. There was once a time when stereos had knobs. You could turn those knobs even if you were bouncing around on a gravel road. Or in a field. There was a time when you could set your radio while driving in the car. You didn't need to pull over and get out a book.
This is why I hate the KC-135. First of all, when you try to adjust the volume and you hit a bump it then clicks the multipupose volume control which also clicks in. This adjusts the bass, then you have to click it five more times to get through all the adjustments I will never use to get back to the stinking volume setting. Secondly, it has a jack on the front to plug in your iPod. But, you have to go through a menu to install this extra feature. It is not intuitive nor is it a default. The battery went dead on the tractor and I had to figure out how to get the iPod feature to work.
It is idiotic.
If I could buy an old Pioneer dual shaft supertuner with a cassette I would buy it. You can't listen to a CD in a bouncing tractor anyway.
I restrained myself from beating the stupid thing with a crescent wrench as you know that would not be productive.
Why does it have to be so difficult to buy one stinging thing that works! The world is run by idiots and they are all paid more than I!


  1. Most products are designed by people who will never use them and manufactured by people who do not understand them to be sold to people who can barely afford them. How CAN anything good come of it all?

  2. But, seriously-how hard can it be to design a radio. It has been done before. Of course you can't buy a good coffee maker either.
    I guess it is called de-evolution...

  3. The problem is that today most things are over-designed. They had a good working model years ago that would have been fine for most of us but progress demands that we keep "improving" things. It just leads to over complicated and unrepairable junk that helps to fill up our landfills.

  4. Ralph, I doubt anyone who designs a radio actually uses a radio. And I doubt there is any product testing. They switch models so fast that customer feedback doesn't matter.
    I think with most electronic stuff, features sell better than function. Most of the people buying this stuff are idiots anyway-so what does it matter?


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