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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It will never stop raining...

The rain would not bother me so much but I need to plant. I have to have the money. It is now too late to plant spring wheat. Oat yields are dropping, I never get called on to plant grass, even if there were contracts for grass seed. I sold some hay. I have some loyal Mexican customers.
Speaking of grass my cousin is injured. He hurt his arm in the bunny crash. I will do a quick recap of the bunny crash. My cousin and his two friends were going somewhere. The girl was driving. The bunny was in a cage in the back. They were worried the bunny was too cold. They put the bunny up front. The bunny went a little nuts and got in the way of the gas pedal. They drove off the road.
So my aunt takes Chronic Boy (her grandson actually) to the doctor as his arm hurts him. He moans a lot and acts like he is in pain. No one believes him but my Uncle (his grandfather). The doc pokes him and prods him and asks him if it hurts. It doesn't seem to give the response the doctor wants. The doc asks him if he has a job. He replies, "I work for my Grandfather!" The doc tells him he needs to get a real job...
Not sure what that was all about but it was funny!
Employee and I think it is a scam to either get a Medical Chronic Card or to keep scoring prescription painkillers. Pretty funny, but also kind of sad...
More de-evolution, I'm glad I'm just lazy...


  1. re: it will never stop raining...We're still paying for it never stopped raining last fall. 10 pm news last night featured a guy combining his corn, kind of chuckling about really needing to be getting his planter ready. Out of 13.7 million acres planted in 2009, 800,000 acres of Iowa corn were still in the field when the blizzards came. Most of it still harvestable, except along the woods and rivers where the deer partied all winter.

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  4. So this is fun. Deletions above were due to Blogger twice sending messages to the effect that posting of first comment failed. Not so. Anybody who wants to read 're: it will never stop raining...' three times will have to be satisfied with re reading original comment.


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