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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I eat pie, sell grain, and deal with employee

I had pumkin pie and whipped cream for breakfast today. It is kind of like Thanksgving. There appears to be 2" inches of water standing in my yard. I checked the river levels on the internet. I was a little worried I was going to have to figure out how to get the fertilizer truck out of the river bottoms during a food. River is supposed to peak at 35 feet, we don't have to worry till it approaches 50 feet.
My former employee came back to work yesterday. He has grown a little. He said he is pushing 350lbs. My winter helper went to work for his father, but is still getting calls off of my hay and grain ads on craigslist.
A fellow wanted to buy some whole oats. He called my winter helper who relayed the message. He is very good on the phone. We had to get the truck out of a neighbor's shed. There were two dead JD 3020's in front of our old Ford cabover. Which was dead as well. We pulled everything out of the barn and I drove the Ford home with no brakes. We set up the auger and started filling big bags. Four tonnes of oats is a lot of oats loaded out 800lbs at a time.
Then it started raining. It poured. We were in the midst of putting everything away when the fellow showed up for his oats. He was a very nice older fellow. He had bought some Jersey Heifers from my dad years ago. He said they were a little wild. Then he mentioned he was going to run his oats through a hammer mill. I showed him mine and he told me how to lace the belt so it wouldn't damage the hammer mill pulley. But it was raining so hard we didn't get to talk much.
Later we worked on the International truck. We want to haul scrap. Unfortunately the employee's heart started racing. He took his medicine then laid down in his car for an hour. Finally he went home. I guess he went to the hospital as he called and said he was ok. He says it has nothing to do with his weight. I told him there was no way I was giving him the kiss of life.
I am worried. I can tell it will be a long summer...
This morning I got an email from some folks that came after hay Saturday. The lady sent her husband and he was worried the hay was not bright enough. He just took four bales as a sample. This morning I got an email from her saying it is wonderful hay and she wants three ton. I already knew it was wonderful hay but I told the fellow I didn't want to sell him something if his wife wouldn't like it. It is kind of funny...


  1. I'm afraid your employee has nothing on me, and I'm sure MY weight has nothing to do with the fact that I'm on three blood-pressure pills a day either! In truth, the other day at work, I was sitting there in all my blubbery glory, the smoker next to me was coughing his head off, and the alcoholic on the other side was popping tums and lamenting the fact that his girlfriend was in the hospital with liver and kidney problems. The thought occurred to me that we all pick our own poison. Gee; that sounds like a good blog subject!

  2. Well for some reason Gorges comment doesn't appear when I click on it. After following my sometimes a great employee's expansion I would encourage anyone who finds themselves getting spherical to really do what ever it takes to get a bit smaller. I never have had that problem so I hate tell someone to do something I might not be able to do. But.. Today he went home at 4 p.m. as his knees hurt. The poor fellow is really messed up. I've offered to pay for a health club or doctor visit but he say's no. I seems to me that it his size has got to the point where it is ruining his health.
    I am just lazy and depressed. No sure what to do about that...

  3. That's a good one Budde. Sure enjoy your antics. I had potato salad for breakfast yesterday. I better stick to the raisin bran! My luck with employees isn't good either. You have a great day!

  4. Brother and I once had the local state employment service send out a crew of four to help bale hay. Once. Four high school kids showed up on their motorcycles. No gloves, no experience, no clue. None of them had ever seen small square bales up close and weren't enthusiastic about the proceedings. One had asthma and all he could do was spend the afternoon sitting in the shade of the barn wheezing. Dubbed them the Heck's Angels.
    After that we mowed in smaller patches and did it all ourselves.

    Pie for breakfast! Where do I sign up?

  5. Oh the pain of employee relations! I need to take more vitamin D so I can do it all myself. That is the problem with being a lazy farmer. My brother is off working hard and driving truck and I am walking around aimlessly in mud working on stuff I should have finished three months ago and showing dad how to run his printer.
    Employee is setting out in the store drinking coffee right now while I am writing this comment. I don't think he can start without me saying ok you can continue on the projects you started tomorrow...

  6. Sounds like the border between employee and farm mascot may be a little blurry. Oh well, maybe we'll hear the funny side of it in the Late Great Daily Strumpet! With cartoons!!


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