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Saturday, March 20, 2010

I can't remember Jack but I can remember Hamish

My friend wanted to name his son Hamish. My first instinct was to suggest that a name like Hamish would help the kid to grow up strong and able to defend himself. However the name Hamish has stuck in my head. I am quite used to no one actually paying attention to me so I just assumed he named the little fellow Hamish. It was quite a surprise when my wife told me his name was not Hamish but Jack.
Her quote was, "You can remember the name Hamish, but not Jack?"
But, of course! I am slowly going nuts...
Yesterday I finished my 53.3 acre field. Somehow I got 65 acres out of it. I discovered my calc-an-acre had a calibration of 80 instead of 100. I think it should be 110. I absolutely cannot understand instructions.
I moved to the next field which was to be 150 acres. It is not 150 acres in one field or two fields or even three fields. The first field was 15 acres. I have not seen the next five. Hopefully I will not screw up any of these fields.


  1. Hamish might sound silly in English with the soft vowels, but it's use as a name for dogs and men seems to come from Scotland. Even first graders would learn not to pick on a kid from a tribal heritage of wearing skirts among thistles and whacking on their foes with the original two handed claymore. But then, too, Spam is a little hamish. Kid would have had personality options.

  2. Hey, it beats all those soap-opera characters that I see kids get named for all the time.

  3. Hamish sounds scottish for sure. Remember the Johnny Cash song "A boy named Sue"? Thats what your story made me think of.


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