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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Shoud I become a novelist?

I read it in the cold light of morning and decided that you can't write a novel around a fellow shopping for hot tubs with a medical condition which really requires.... Oh, this reminds me of a joke. This guy goes to the doctor with this same medical condition. The doctor gives him this funny pill. He has a hard time taking them and goes back to the Doctor to complain. He says, "Doc, this are the most worthless pills I've ever seen. I have a hard time getting the foil off and then it takes like two glasses of water to get them down.
The Doc is kind of shocked and says, "What?! you are trying to swallow them?!!"
The guy says, "Well sure Doc, what do you think I would do? Shove them up my ...?"
(I heard that on National Public Radio)
Then there is the one about the duck who goes into the bar and asks the bartender for grapes...

So we watched the end of the move "Enchanted" this morning. I didn't like the ending. Why do they have to do everything over the top. Huge chase sequence and fight with a dragon and mixing of mythology and reality. Only real thing was that the cops took for ever to show up.  It should have ended with the kiss...


  1. Well, I read your last post and I think it's a start. For me, the hardest part of writing is the beginning. I have to rewrite the beginnings a million times before I'm satisfied. Sometimes fermenting one idea can lead to an entire novel. Maybe you can think on an idea while your planting. I used this website a lot when I started writing:
    It has a lot of good information and loads of inspiring quotes. Don't give up on writing though because I wrote about 6 stories that I trashed within the first 50 pages...they're rather funny to bring out now. :)

  2. I takes a lot of concentration. I pretty much subscribe to the write and forget school of writing...


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