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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Today I'm preaching you a sermon

I'm supposed to be working on my devotion for Church. I have problems with my role as the sort of Sunday School superintendent, I'm not sure I'm really qualified. But, I've been doing it just about as long as I can remember so complaining now probably won't help.
We have changed lesson helps and no longer follow the International Sunday School Lessons. The international sunday school lesson deal a good idea. You could go to just about any Church any where and no what the Sunday School lesson was. If you actually studied your lesson the week before. How many people do that any more?
So, anyway. We have a new lesson quarterly and the lesson helps for teachers and the Sunday School Superintendent is kind of rambling and confusing.
Today's lesson is about wisdom. Now I'm finally getting to the point of my rant.
To quote from my devotion: (I lifted some of this from the lesson help, but I know Christian Light Publications won't sue me. They might come to me with another brother and ask me to stop, but they won't sue. Inside joke)

"James says in verse 13, “Who is wise and understanding among you? Let him show by his good life his works in meekness of wisdom.
If you are truly wise then it will show in your life. It will be shown by your lifestyle. Verse 17 gives us several characteristics of a wise man: pure motives, peaceable relations and actions, gentleness, an openness to other’s ideas, merciful and ready to forgive, plenty of goodness, a fairness toward and respect for everyone, and a life without pretense.
We can contrast that with the characteristics of the fool’s life: bitterness, envying, strife, refusing to accept the truth, confusion, and all kinds of evil works. The fool makes a big deal out of his supposed wisdom. He does not recognize it is only based on his selfish ideals. He does not realize that is only vanity."

Look at the characteristics of a wise man. Do you remember these guys from your youth? Where is the classic old-school Christian? The fellow who was level headed, who was really a good guy, who you did not feel comfortable telling an off color joke to. The fellow who you know never told a lie in his life.

I'm not that guy... I don't think I'll be that guy at 65. I see my father in that light, but not that many other folks.

And here is my pet peeve with Disney movies: "Follow your heart"
My heart has led me to some questionable situations. Perhaps I was not following my heart but rather, um-perhaps we will leave that alone..

We make decisions throughout our lives. There is no way to get around making decisions as even a lack of a decision represents a choice. What do we look to for guidance in our decisions? (pet peeve) Popular culture tells us to look to our heart. “You will find what you truly desire within your heart.”
There is the phrase from Disney.
I try to tell Sadie that we need to first fill our heart with the things of God. To build our conscience with the knowledge of God and what is right and wrong. Then we need to look to God, the Bible, and to a heart that is full of God’s word, then we can make a wise decision.
If only I can help her build that conscience correctly…

Now for those of you who don't believe in God and think religion is silly. I understand the mechanics of this who thing. Our "western civilization" is built upon Greek thought and influenced heavily by Christianity. These "legends" and beliefs give us a framework with which to understand our lives and the world around us. Sure, there may be a better way to teach the kid to do the right thing but I don't really know what it is. Somehow I hope she will find the faith of her grandparents and build a personal belief system that keeps her our of trouble and brings her personal satisfaction.

So put that in your pipe and smoke it...


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