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Monday, September 7, 2009

Something that I don't know a lot about

I've become somewhat interested in the dairy industry as of late. Something I don't know a lot about. I was surprised to see/feel how the declining milk prices affect local ag sales. I found this link to a study discussing the economic impact of dairies.
I wish someone who knew about this sort of thing would comment, don't think I am that widely read. Perhaps I should go post a question on NewAgtalk.
I think the dairy industry is a good study in what is wrong with big farms and corporate farms.
I also think this dairy crisis will lead to more consolidation and bigger farms.
I don't understand the price supports that seem to lead to over production.
I see the economy of scale leading to the 1000 cow and above operations, but don't really see the motivation? Is it just meglamania or does the structure of the US market lead to huge operations.
I think the influx of illegal immigrants is a symptom of another problem not exactly the cause of the problem.
I think someone who is not a commie/marxist or an professional people exploiter should reach out to these immigrants.
I think many of these people are hard working and fairly conservative people. Many are extremely motivated. I wonder if a clever organizer could reach out to those who share our traditional values and are here for a better life and seperate them from the rabble and criminal element.
I know that our former employee is pretty much a regular guy, who wants his family to do well, grow up in a church, be productive citizens.
My opinion...

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