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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First day of School

My daughter has had such a different school experience than I had. She likes school. She looked forward to her first day. For me, school was prison. I hated school, especially elementary school. She seems to be a happy friendly child. She generally likes people and is not terribly insecure. She is a bit shy but is also quite polite so people tend to reach out to her.
Of course this is my opinion because I am her dad. I think she is the best kid in the whole world...
I took her photo for her first day of school. She is standing on the porch with the white German Shepherd who is staying with us until the rain starts. Her name is Kivia.
I am not keeping Sadie home so she does not hear Obama's speech. I think those who don't want their kids to hear the now-infamous speech are a bit misguided. I worry every day about things my daughter hears at school. I really doubt Mr. O has hypno-eyes, or his speech is full of subliminal messages that will turn kids into instant Marxists-who will inform on their parents for owning guns or reading the Bible. I think a couple generations of earnest young teachers are already well on the way to doing that. Unless, the Obama speech contains the TRIGGER PHRASE! Oh no! I never thought of that. I had best be on my way to school to rescue her.
We need an educated and informed oposition. Not a superstitious one.
Hope her first day of school goes well!

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