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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Finished with corn silage

I took some photos but left the camera in the pickup. Finished our silage today. We had 50 acres. 25 acres was done in three hours by a custom harvester. The other 25 acres were done in the last three days by us and our New Holland 890 pulled by the White 2-135.
Was not the best yield we have ever had but then it was not the worst. It is sometimes hard to get the water and the weather coordinated. I needed to stop hay and work on pipe, but PGE didn't get our pump hooked up, then the pump (rebuilt this year) died in the hot weather and we got behind. Just hard to get it all done. Sort of depressed about yields this year. Not really sure what to do to improve things next year. I guess that it why we are not big time operators...

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