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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Change in the weather!

I should have been checking the barometer!
I woke up this morning to wind and rain. The big yellow cat and visiting dog seem to be a bit disturbed. The resident dog, Stanley, is not coming out of his house.
My wife and daughter went to Portland. Wife's good friend from college lives there and she has boys that are Sadie's age, so L. and S. went to Portland and spent the night. Have not hear from them this morning so I figure they are doing fine.
I am setting in the house with the drapes pulled and the lights off. I've had 5 cups of coffee so I pretty much awake and I'm listening to the rain.
This is the first real rain which probably signals the end of the summer.
We usually have pretty dry summers here and once the rain hits at the end of August or sometime in September then the cool weather is on the way. This would be fine but we do have 10 acres of triticale, 10 acres of clover, and 40 acres of hay to do. Oh, and one field of barley that I planted June 1st and we irrigated. It is still green...
I've been having some computer problems. My wife kind of laughed at me. She told me that is what I can expect when I buy cheap computers off of ebay.
My main problem is that I do not understand the Windows OS. For some reason, I can't remember where things are in Windows. It drives me crazy. I have been trying to set up a tablet computer for GPS in my tractor. I started with a Fujitsu 3400 tablet and windows 2000. However, it gets overwhelmed with the amount of info supplied by my Raven 220 GPS unit. (ebay $400) So, when I had money, I bought a Itronix ix300 GoBook. It came with this really cool camera attachment which I didn't want to remove, so I bought a HP TR3000 which is the same thing, but it came with no battery. I was having trouble getting one out of the two so I got frustrated and bought a Fujitsu tablet. The Fujitsu has a nice big screen and it is much faster.
So I loaded FarmerGPS, iTunes, bonjour wireless printing, and I thought I was set. It worked for like an hour. All of a sudden it just locked up. So, I restarted and now it can't find the hard drive. I emailed the place I bought it from thinking they might send me a system restore CD. They directed me to buy a warranty from Square Trade. That has proved to be a kind of a pain.
So, I went back to the iTronix. I put the battery out of the photo tablet in the HP tablet which has a hard drive loaded with programs. I installed FarmerGPS and got a new license key. It runs much faster but I have yet to try it in the tractor. The screen is smaller than the Fujitsu screen so I'm not real happy. I also have yet to find a DC adapter so it looks like I will have to run a 110 converter in the cab, which adds more clutter.
Last night I started to hook up my Micro-trak spraymate II to automatically control the fertilizer rate on my drill. I may have to buy a lower capacity flowmeter but everything else seems to hook up fine. I have to decide if I want to run the Micro-trak off my GPS or a magnet on the drill countershaft. I'm thinking I want the Micro-trak connected to the drill so I can easily change tractors. My Raven 220 is bolted to the roof so I can't really move it from tractor to tractor.
In other news I see Ed is back. I wanted to get into a huge political sort of rant but I just held my tongue. I may yet. Had a discussion with the local progressive the other day and it is kind of interesting...

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