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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What is wrong with the world

I'm not feeling so well this morning. Wife is gone with S. to camp. She left me with a 2" thick steak and the admonition to BBQ it before it went bad as it was expensive. Now I should have sliced it in half so I would have 2 steaks 1" thick. I can handle that on the gas grill.
I was a little tired last night for no real reason as it was a Monday. Bro. and I sat on the steps and discussed farming while the steak simmered.
Finally I got tired of waiting and decided to eat. The steak was done just like the fine folks that eat in the fancy resturants like them. Nicely scorched on the outside and pink in the middle. It was pretty good. I salted it heavily with coarse salt, then doused it with garlic powder before putting it on the grill. Only problem is, that whole red business in the middle just makes me queasy. I couldn't find my infared thermometer so I was unable to check the center temp. I like to know it is done.
I had a little store-bought potatoe salad so I had a little feast. Only problem with that is that I think that 8 oz of steak that I ate-just settled in the bottom of my intestines.
And of course I had left over steak with my eggs this morning.
So, I'm sitting here waiting for the coffee to kick in and feeling like it will be a long day.
Somehow this whole situation got my thinking about the modern "low energy" flush toilet.
They don't work. They make me angry.
Now you may not think something as mundane as an everyday flush toilet could provide a commentary on the whole wrong trail the environmental movement has taken but let me explain.
I have just recently moved into the 21st century. I've always lived in 100 year old houses or at least houses much older than myself.
We now have an Energy Star rated highly insulated green star manufactured home. It has a little sticker on the crapper noting that it uses less water.
This is a lie.
Now I don't think I have a larger bladder or longer intestines than anyone else. I try not to use a lot of paper and the nice plush kind is kind of expensive and my wife threatens to buy the cheap stuff if I used too much. But, I have to flush this thing at least THREE times per (how do we say this and be polite) um, er, Evacuation, and twice per bladder empty. My daughter is much smaller and I have found what should have been a two flusher from her. If I don't just flush the dadburn thing every time I go into the bathroom my wife starts noting a smell of urine in the bathroom. So, someone else in the family is not pulling the handle twice.
So, the folks who do all the regulation, and supposedly a lot of testing, have set the size of the modern toilet tank. Probably some legislative committee with a lot of lobbyists and possible poop demonstrations and frequent potty breaks. And of course they got the tank size wrong.
So, all around this great country  we have water saving crappers which actually use more water because you have to flush them three times instead of one time.
Morons run this country....

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