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Monday, July 20, 2009

What do I do now?

Hay is basically over, I have 10 acres of alfalfa to bale tonight. I have stacking to do for the neighbor.
I don't have Gopher Valley finished.
I need to bale some grass straw. It is worth nothing. I think I'm getting $30 a ton, stacked in the field.
Not sure what to do with Gopher Valley.
I plowed it but there is a lot of sod. I think the sod needs to sit for a month and dry out. But, I've got the disk and culipacker there.
I need to disk up some more rough hay fields, but will that actually work. Will it still be just as rough next year? Do I need to plow it all?
Can I afford to plow it?
Should I round up it and no-till oats?
How do I get it sprayed and can I afford to run my drill 10 miles in the hills to do 20 acres when I most likely will have paying customers.
I know I make more money working for other people than I do working for myself.
What about Muddy Valley.
My landlord there, wants me to work up more pasture for hay ground.
I can't afford it.
I've got 120 gallon's of diesel invested in this project already, and it is not even finished.
Then there is the fact that everything has gone to heck and nothing is actually worth doing.
I feel a touch depressed this morning...

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