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Friday, July 17, 2009

I worked ground at Gopher Valley

I know now why I have been trying to get rid of this farm. I want it back when I'm all done with hay and need a little more, BUT, when I'm up there spending money that there is a good chance I won't get back... I kind of hate the place...
I hauled the 14ft Bush Hog disk and the 914 International cultipacker up behind my pickup. (Not all at once) It was a little touchy on the narrow roads. I pulled the 911 Melroe plow up behind my tractor as it doesn't pull very fast.
I had hired a friend to use his little 90hp 4wd tractor and 10ft covercrop disk earlier in the year. He quit saying it was too rough and wet. Where he went over the ground twice-three times it works up really nice. i wouldn't even have to plow. Where he quit the grass is three foot tall and plugs up the disk. I actually bent my 3/4" hitch pin. The bouncing of the disk worked the hair pin up through the drawbar hole. Bent the pin and when it all came unhooked the bungie cord I had holding the hydraulic hoses up out of the way, busted the rear window. 
This is the other reason I hate this farm something always goes wrong.
More bad luck will follow I'm sure.

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