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Thursday, June 18, 2009

I take a day off and go to the beach

My wife made me take a day off. She reserved a room at the beach, the last day of winter rates. She even checked the 15 day forecast and picked what was to be a rainy day. It didn't rain, which was a good thing, I worked all night so that I could go on my vacation, forgot my cell phone changer, my phone died, another VERY good thing.
Best vacation I've had in years. (Only vacation I've taken in the summer in years.)
We stayed in an older cheaper motel. It had a hot tub on the balcony and easy beach access. Daughter and I brought along some old Tonka toys and built in the words of J. Hendrix- "Castles Made of Sand, into the sea, will fall eventually." That song kept going through my head. Saw a couple huge star fish devouring muscles which were stuck to rocks uncovered at low tide.
Next day we went to the aquarium where Kieko the killer whale was once imprisioned. They have filled his old home with fish and put clear tubes through it so you can look at everything under the water. Then we went to seal rock to see my friend Mel. He treated us to a wonderful supper in Newport.
Got home at 9 p.m.
Irrigation broke down again, neighbor borrowing my hay rake, time to swath Meadow Foxtail, and after half a night of swathing the swather is broke. We have 40 acres of hay down and it looks like rain, I have another 30 acres to stack for neighbors, need to deliver hay to another neighbor, I think I need another vacation.
I love the coast. I remember the trips to the beach when I was a little kid. The sticky salt air, the smell of the pines and the saltwater, the gravel parking lots and sand sticking to your feet. The continual disingration of everything exposed to the air. Paint peeling on signs advertising crabs, oysters, and smoked salmon, and the feel of a hot vinyl car seat. Dad always wanted to get a crab and Mom said it would make a mess. So we would get smoked salmon and eat it with Ritz crackers.
Anyway, I hope Sadie had a good time. Perhaps I will post more photos tonight.


  1. Water/land interface just takes you clear away from it all. In the midwest, we have fishing holes, boats on the streams and lakes. Canoe and kayak trips in the boundary waters. The sounds, tastes, smells, everything shifts. But the coast is the best.

  2. I didn't want to go home.
    The smell of the pines and the salt water instantly rolls the years away.


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