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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday showers

I've not been feeling in top form. I had been going to the Chriopractor but I don't think it is my back. At first I blamed it on the new seat in my tractor which cost a lot of money but was less comfortable than the old molded foam and fabric seat. White tractors do have comfortable factory seats in my opinion. I think it is stress. I ache all over and I'm always tired. Some years ago I got headaches. I was hoping it would go away once I figured out it was nerves, kind of like the headache issue. I need to just chill out. Dig out the Dale Carnegie course again.
Today I wanted to sleep in. Last night I declared we were going to church even though it is a Sunday that our church doesn't meet. My wife wanted to attend the early service of the local large church. Large churches full of modern Christian sorts bug me. I'd rather attend a small old church with a simple service. I actually like preachers who have regular jobs and choirs who are not the best singers. I don't like multimedia and would rather have hymns than a band on stage. I seem to crave real emotion, and regular working class folks with deep faith.
Anyway, they had a baptism. It was kind of amusing. The baptistry is behind the big cross above the stage, so it is like 30 feet in the air. As we were praying before the baptism I was peeking. I saw the huge cross swing aside, pushed out from behind by the pastor with a broomstick. He had a simple speech and a lady on stage read the person's testimony before she was baptized. I had kind of mixed feelings. I remember it differently from my old Church.
We skipped Sunday school. I don't like interacting with people. My wife is much more friendly but didn't want to go either. We should have gone for the daughter's sake but we didn't. 
We discussed the neighbor's 60th anniversary but we had the wrong day. Found out later that it was today. We missed it.
Went home and daughter and I put together a large styrofoam glider. Found it at Goodwill a week ago. New in the package from Toy Airplane Gliders of America. I couldn't find a website.
Did discover really expensive wood airplanes that used to cost $.25 at the drugstore. I would get a couple every year about this time. The whole ready to fly wood airplane thing was always a bit disappointing. (Click here for link to collector type wood airplanes made near me.)
Airplane kept coming apart or crashing. Sadie got pretty frustrated. After a lunch of steamer clams and garlic bread we modified the glider. I had purchased some aluminum foil tape at the hotrod swap meet couple weeks ago. I put tape on the bottom of the glider, then attached a plastic straw to the bottom as a rocket launch tube. We placed a bottle rocket in the tube, lit the fuse and then threw the glider. The key was to wait long enough to throw the glider. I nearly set the thing on fire when the glider crashed before the rocket left the tube. S. was not so impressed. I think I sometimes kind of annoy her. Soon it started raining so we went back in and played legos. Later we went down to the river and built roads in the riverbank. Had a pretty good day. 
Somehow I just don't feel ready to go back to work tomorrow.
Tomorrow I plan to replace the engine in the White 2-135... Six hours? We pulled the replacement engine from a junker tractor in only 2 hrs. So should be able to put it back in 3-4 hours?


  1. I went to the chiropractor for many years like you describe. Finally I said enough of it and I probably feel as good most days as I did going. It feels like a feel good thing!

    Most of our skeletons are messed up so I am not trying to discount the value of the chiropractor.

    I am to a point I can live without them but I really feel like I need to be adjusted.

    It feels so good after an adjustment you can become addicted to it. Right now I feel the need to be adjusted but I haven't been in over a year.

  2. I have mixed feelings about the chiropractor. You go in and get an "adjustment" but what keeps everything from going back out again? I can't spend the rest of the day in my chair alternating heat and ice. Shouldn't there be some sort of exercises you can do to strengthen the muscles around the offending area? What about those who claim that dangling by your hands from a bar will realign everything?
    On the other hand I have gone in to the chiropractor's office barely able to walk and came out fine...
    The there was the time the Dr. suggested carpel tunnel surgery and the Chiro hooked up some electrodes to my arm and zapped me for a week, gave me some arm braces, and I seem to be fine! That was completely amazing!


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