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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Morning

It was a beautiful day. Woke up to birds singing and the sun shining. And my sister-in-law's silly dog barking at imaginary monsters. Of course if there was to be a person walking by who was trying to steal hubcaps the stupid dog would hide. I really dislike insecure dogs. He barks at me if I wear a hat. He runs and hides if I stomp my feet to clean the mud off them. Of course then, five minutes later he is trying to get into the house or following 6" behind me wanting to be petted.
Sis-in-law brought daughter back from visit to her Aunt in Eugene. (One of wife's other sisters)
Daughter came back tired and with a bad attitude. Sis-in-law brought stupid dog.
Yesterday it rained. It really poured. It is a good thing I got my fields planted.
I went after tractor yesterday morning. Moved it home 15 miles in the rain. I really hate doing that. The tractor and drill take up a lot of space on the highway. Plus, I can't see behind me as the liquid tank is in the way.
Took daughter with me. Had to have a talk about being nice to people. I told her she doesn't need to let people know she thinks they are stupid. Especially her mother. Kids must be polite. Using a tone of voice or a smart comment to let someone know you think what they are asking of you is dumb does not help you in anyway. If someone is dumb do you really think that you telling them that they are dumb will make them smarter? Just do what you are told, keep your feelings to your self, and get on with what you need to do. Get it over with... Plus, if you pick a fight with your mother, even if you are sure you are in the right, your father will have to side with your mother if you are being rude. Your father does not want to get involved in these sorts of arguments and he will not be happy... She said she understood.
She didn't want to ride home with me in the tractor. She rode with Bill in the pickup.
We went to the Amity Cafe. I think it is called Ashe's Cafe, but I can't remember why. The owners name is Sharon and her last name is not Ash.
Bill and I worked on my Minn-Mo "Z" put wiring harness on it. Need to find the old style bullet connectors for the lights. Couple of the lights actually work.
Then we drove around and looked for Nutria's. Saw one and took a couple shots at it. Missed. Have a stupid TAPCO plastic stock for my 10-22. It has a telescoping stock like a AR-15. Thought it would be pretty handy to carry in tractor. Of course it was designed by gun nuts for form not function and the cheek rest is too high to use the standard sights. It would have been so easy to make a really nice solid little stock. But no, it had to look like an AR-15. It's a 10-22, one of the easyist guns to shoot ever made. I was able to pay $65 for a stock to make my gun unusable. Great...



    Really fun targets to shoot at with a 10/22 or a mini-30 but otherwise quite destructive large rat-like creatures


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