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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Over the Bank?

Planted a record setting 35 acres today. Well, I think I did plant 10 acres once before. Not one of my better days. Listened to talk radio. Looking forward to that $4 gasoline that we will have to have to force people to buy "green" energy. Looks like the folks who where the worst polluters will reap the cash rewards of the "green" revoloution. It is just a big whopping scam. $%^&ing Algore and Company.
Planted into pretty wet ground. The seed was covered so I kept going. The mud built up enough on the drill drive wheel that the drill speed indicated 5.6 mph and the GPS showed 6.4 mph. Had to adjust seed rate to compensate. Planted Montezuma oats, 140lbs per acre, no fertilizer.
At the end of the field was a 40 foot drop to Mill Creek. No fence, no hedgerow. Made me kind of nervous planting up to the edge.
Plus, I kept going to sleep. Ran out of coffee half way thought the morning. Figured I'd wake up tumbling down the hill.
Also have a photo of the repair I did on the choke cable on my Minneapolis-Moline Z. The choke cable was stuck and I used a little too much force breaking it loose. I broke the old bakelite knob. Didn't have another cable to I used JB weld to glue it back together. JB weld is really a great product.
I also put a new wiring harness and new amp and temp guages in the Z. Have three flat-faced headlights but I'm keeping it six volt. Need to find connectors for the wire to the lights. It is a funny bayonet styled connector. Unfortuantly I have no photo.

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