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Saturday, March 21, 2009

I once thought I was hip

When I was a lad I thought I was so hip. Oh, we didn't call it hip back then. No that was so 60's and we made fun of hippies. I listened to "the only band that mattered" (the Clash)-of course the only song I still like is a cover... and read "Cream Magazine" and Rolling stone and Option, and the first issue of "Spin." I was so full of crap! Seems pretty funny now. Won't even discuss how I used to dress.
I was looking at youtube videos while searching for a Dave Edmunds song. I found Dr. Feelgood, and Eddie and the Hotrods. Funny I heard Eddie and the Hotrods singing this song before I heard Bob Seger do it.
I was friends with a tall, beautiful, and kind of strange girl who was also into music and we would hear bands in Portland every weekend. She was way out of my league but I always hoped that 1. she would either decide otherwise and 2. that hanging out with her would somehow raise my stock so as strange and beautiful girls would want to be with me.
The folly of youth.
The funny thing is that now I like the old bands that were singing for the fun of it. I still like Dave Edmunds, and the early Dr. Feelgood and the Hotrods. There is a story that the Sex Pistols were opening for Eddie and the Hotrods and the Sex Pistols (who were and are a bunch of posers) busted up some of the Hotrods equipment. The Hotrods were working class kids who promptly beat the stuffing out of the smarmy college boys that were the Sex Pistols.
Don't really know.
Music should be fun. Should be full of energy and emotion. It should be about life and love and death and whatever. It should not be full of stupid politics and the sophomoric idea of trying to change the world. People in bands should not be telling anyone how to run the world. (Which is why I hate U-2. )
This music has meaning...So does this.
Just my opinions.
Was also wondering what happened to the YouTube videos of the Strumpet's favorite band and if they can crank up the volume on next years version of Bonaparte's retreat?
And I found these guys called "Matchbox," British rockabilly!!! I have the album. I like the song "Babes in the Woods," with the lines, "stocking tops and mohicans/don't mix to good/for sure." I can't post the link as Safari crashed again and I'm going to be. Look it up yerself!

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