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Sunday, April 17, 2022

Leaving home and growing up...

My daughter turned 21 this week.

I put together a tool kit for her. It is a mixture of old and new. I gave her my trusty crescent wrench. I found 3/8 drive Craftsman sockets in Metric and nonCommunist up to 21mm and 3/4", I included a hammer and a square and a rubber mallet. She needs the rubber mallet if she goes into psychology.

I found her a 1/4" drive SK socket set only for $60 delivered. It has deep well sockets also and has a neat little box. I have already explained the difference between a ball peen and claw hammer and so I included both. Plus a square and small level. 

I included a couple automotive stickers at the suggestion of the retired gentleman that helps at the farm. (Actually he provided a couple stickers.) I engraved her name on everything. 

She seemed happy.

I really miss my daughter from the pre Young Writers Convention at Sweet Briar college days. But such is life.

The toolkit

The daughter before I made the mistake of working at a college so she could receive a free indoctrination.

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  1. Vice-grip. Channel Lock. Small level. Tape measure. Non-contact electrical tester. Japanese pull saw. Yankee drill.

    Back to vice-grips. I recommend a small one and bigger one. Each have static applications and the big one can be used to beat on stuff.

    Two-part epoxy...for fixing things you screw up.

    Tools were rare when I was young. I have some from each grandfather, father, uncles. My kids are unimpressed with legacy tools.

    Kids are nice and then they become adults and it's like any other adult you meet. They might be OK, maybe a potential friend or a little time is enough. Grandkids are a reminder that kids are better than adults.

    She should grow up to be her own person (not you) but with some of your tools; that's a pretty good success.


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