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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Smoke, Hay, The Birthday Party that didn't happen, and Random Noise

Today might be my birthday. I can't remember my age. 

I wanted to renew the Daily Strumpet Birthday Extravaganza but since the DS only exists in random archives and in my muddle brain I suppose no one would understand. Plus, Flying Pig Fiddle and Banjo are somewhere in Iowa.

The plan was to make it The Budd E. Shepherd memorial film festival. But BESMFF is not really that great an acronym. I sort of stalled out there.

Next was a decision on main features.

I have in my collection, Fury of the Pagans, (sword and sandal epic), Gumball Rally (The first one with boobs and the Mercedes though the sign), King Kong (without the gaint spiders), a Gene Autry Movie, Three reels of The Blues Brothers (turning a bit red and some sprocket damage) and miscellanies Woody Woodpecker, Farmer Alfalfa, Felix the Cat (in Spanish) and farm girls from 1960 sexing corn in short-shorts. (don't even ask why).

But... The daughter has a sore throat and isn't coming home from college. I didn't get around to inviting anyone. My wife isn't real excited. I am lazy. Crowds make me stressed. I'm not sure I have spare projector bulbs. I'm not really sure who to invite. There might be fist-a-cuffs between Looney Lefties and Trumpets (BONUS!) and it would probably just degenerate into a hemp fest as I've got 1000lbs of buds in the barn. I figure hemp smoking is like my shooting skills. If you can't shoot accurate shoot often applies to pot smoking as well. If your hemp has .4% THC you gotta have a bonfire!!!  Which would lead to calls to the local fire department and noise complaints as the whole neighborhood would be playing Willie Nelson.

Good thing I didn't get around to having a party. 

In other news...

Last week the smoke was thick. 

Mowing the baseball field in the smoke

The air quality index was off the chart!!!

We had to wear N95 masks. This is the mask at the end of the day. 
It was pretty funny. When we had a strange virus that might or might not make you sick and probably wouldn't kill you we were sent home. When clouds of noxious smoke that really will make you sick, (like smoking four packs a day but with out the buzz, they said) we were issued N95's and sent to work. Go figure...

Then the weather changed. We baled our 5 acres of Alfalfa at haylage moisture levels. This was not a huge problem as the yield was four bales per acre. 
This is a photo of the last bale. Note that it is broken. I suspect that the moisture in this bale is more like 35% than 22%. One nephew is baling and one is applying hay preservative. 
This was Thursday evening and they bales are not hot. They are probably just going to turn to mush.
Friday though Saturday we got at least an inch of rain. I should have taken a photo of mowing the baseball field in a downpour but I was too wet and cold.
Today it is sunny!


  1. Always good to hear from you and know that you're still amongst the living.


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