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Monday, September 21, 2020

A day off

 I took today off work. I didn't expect to do so.

Sunday evening I was attempting to find Bass with poor judgement and attention deficit disorder who would actually strike shiny objects in the river. 

I caught leaves, sticks, algae, and lost my lure. 

I actually lost my lure on the first cast. I was a bit over eager and I snagged it in a tree across the river. I took off my pants and waded after it. The water was pretty warm for a recent 2 inches of rain so I took the opportunity to fish pantless for a while. Rather liberating. Probably disturbed the neighbors. Although I heard no laughing so I assume I was not observed.

I didn't even get a bite.

I was packing up when my wife called. She was going to retrieve the daughter from college. Daughter is sick and there is an outbreak of Wu-Flu on campus.

I have 120 hours of Personal Time Off and my boss is absolutely terrified of the Wu-Flu so I'm home. I was hoping it was just a quick bout of the crude but it seems more serious. No coughing. I'm waiting for the doctor to call.

I have a photo from my birthday dinner. My wife made me apple pie.

Pie makes me happy!


  1. I hope she gets better quickly and that you two don't catch whatever it is.

  2. Good to hear you are still around Budde. Got a day off here too but not the kind I wanted. Rain at harvest is never welcome.

  3. It is raining here as well. Have quite a bit of ground worked so it will get a good sprout. Won't be baling any more straw this year!

  4. COVID is bad stuff. I know five dead people. Actually I know a lot of dead people...I knew five people who caught COVID and are now dead. Winter is just around the corner in MN. A hard frost will end my growing season next week. Good to see a post. I've written about five hundred short drafts but have neglected to converting them into blog posts that no one reads. The drafts are on Facebook and most people who read them there drop me as a 'Friend' which is just fine.


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