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Saturday, February 4, 2017

I have owned Mac Computers Since buying a 512 and I Really Want To SWITCH and I hate my iPhone

My iPhone failed again.
Funny lines on the screen.
I have a 6s and it is a piece of crap.
I can't back it up because the screen failed and I can't type in the access code. It is connected to my computer but yet I can't unlock the stupid thing from my computer. Whacko Islamic terrorists can get their phones unlocked by the NSA but not you average user who just wants to save their notepad.
I have no idea who Apple hires to engineer their products but I think they are idiots.
First of all, if you have a problem with the phone you need to find an Apple store and unless you live in a major city that means a long drive for them to tell you the most common problems are not under warrantee.
Second it is so thin that someone who works for their living cannot use it without a thick case.
Third, iTunes is horrible.
It is insane that people actually buy new and modern iPhones.
I have one because I've been an Apple person forever and I stick with my favorite brands.
I will probably get another one for the same reason.
This is a stupid reason.
I would really like to get rid of my iPhone 6s.
In order to not break it you need a case which makes it to big to fit in a shirt pocket so it ends up in my back pocket and I sit on it and break it.
I do not weigh 400lbs.
The thing is...
It would not take that much to make a good usable phone. Perhaps they should try testing them with the people who actually need phones for work before coming out with a new product design.
In short...
I hate Apple and never intend to buy a new product from them again.
And I think Tim Cook is a moron.
Not a Steve Jobs that is for sure...


  1. lol - Another victim of personal tradition.

  2. I have not jumped on the i phone (smart phone) band wagon yet but I guess will be forced to soon. I think the problem is that they are really a pocket computer that happens to contain a phone and camera. All my current flip phone does is let me call people if I need help. Or leave it turned off if I don't want to be bothered. The simple life.

    1. The problem is that people who design the stupid phones are like 15 years old and have never dug a ditch or loaded hay in their lives.

  3. I have an iPhone 5 that replaced an iPhone 4 that replaced a series of 'Droid phones. I'll never buy an Apple notebook. All of their products are cult-priced and do not significantly add to the quality of anything I produce. Ninety percent of my work is done on a $150 Chromebook using cloud apps. I find the entire Apple cloud backup/restore solutions less than intuitive. Steve Jobs deserves credit for moving the entire notion of personal computing forward but he was a jerk. My next phone will either be a Google or a Samsung, the one w/ the app that allows you to have it explode or serve as an accelerant.


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