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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Yesterday morning, update! I was exposed to poopwater!

Update: blogger for android is actually worse than for iPhone. This blog has reverted to rough draft stage. Yes my punctuation and Grammer can get worse!

But I digress. We were just informed that the water in the storage building was tainted with poopwater. 

I spent an hour in it. Went over my boots. I did wear rubber gloves. Did not take them off with my teeth.

The college will pay for new boots and hepatitis shots...

Back to the post...

Yesterday it poured. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say a deluge.

Groundskeeping was dispatched to clean drains.
It was not my lack of leaf blowing that plugged the drains. Water from the city was flowing back through the drains and flooding the streets.
When I took the following picture I thought there was quite a flood. The poor deer are caught on the wrong side creek. And that leaning oak tree will probably go down.

I wandered around in the rain and worked on drains.
I discovered that I bought the wrong raingear. I was soaked.
I noticed a stream of water crossing the road and flowing into the storage building. In minutes it was flooded.

The above photo was taken from the same location as the first picture. It flooded quickly!


  1. One of those "best laid plan" deals on the drains, I guess.

  2. I was going to make a comment about raking in the rain, , "(bucks) deer" and leaves, but changed my mind as that would have been cruel.

    1. As long as it doesn't involve singing in the rain.

  3. Interesting how people poop is more dangerous than the same stuff from the barnyard.

  4. "Storm drain detail" was a popular activity for us Air Force "pavements maintenance" recruits; drive around in a dump truck making sure the drains were flowing. Made for a boring day.

  5. we are watching all the rain there on the news. wow!

  6. Was actually expecting an exciting poop story . ;>)

  7. even the best rain gear lets it in after a while. If I;m roofing in the rain then I keep about three coats in the van and change them all though day.

  8. Critters don't tweek. Barnyard poopwater might knock off your feed for a couple days, but city poopwater will give you hipstertitus and make you see elves and wear short pants.


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