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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A really bad movie

It is so painful to watch a movie that could have been good. Especially when it has a star who is kind a movie icon and a director who should do better.
We watched Ricki and the Flash.
It was kind of horrible.
Moments of my life I will never recover.
I actually quit and took my shower but had to come back. It was like a train wreck. You shouldn't look but yet you do.
The music was good enough. Supposedly Meryl Streep learned how to play guitar for the movie. She did a decent job singing.
She should have skipped the guitar lessons and interviewed aging female rock stars.
Meryl's performance as Ricki, the old, broke, wannabe rockstar is just strange. I didn't quite follow the storyline. I think she abandoned her family but then was asked to come back when her daughter had some sort of crisis and her son of course was gay and someone was getting married and of course her band played at the wedding.
I think there was supposed to be a contrast between Ricki when she is not on stage and the amazing change that occurs when she starts singing.
I didn't really get it.
I'm not sure if Ricki is supposed be acting like a 17 year old with a bad attitude and attention issues but it just doesn't work.
Most musicians I have met or have seen interviewed or watched perform are not ditzy idiots. In order to play well and sing well and to keep at it for 30 years, you have to have a certain level of dedication. I suspect the idiots mostly die or quit or self destruct.
When you hear Joan Jett or Debby Harry interviewed you see hard working and dedicated people.
Perhaps Meryl modeled her character on Courtney Love.
I had been looking forward to playing the Suzi Quatro album I accidentally bought on eBay but after watching Meryl Streep's interpretation of a female rock and roll singer I just can't quite bring myself to play it.
It is the first album. Should be good.


  1. we narrowly avoiding having to watch that movie this weekend. instead we made polite conversation with aging hippy-wannabe's and said nothing when they sneered at us and called us republicans. maybe we should have watched the bad movie but thanks for confirming what we thought.

    1. I don't get the love for this movie. If they would have made the aging rocker have a drug problem then perhaps meryl streep's performance would have made,sense. As it was, it was dumb and embarrassing. Also, the joke about being born gay vs being born a rocker or republican or something could have worked and I could have been mock-offended, but instead I was just embarrassed the whole movie. I'm not even a Streep fan.

    2. "Aging Hippie Wannabe's?" Now that sounds like a fun evening! How could you turn that down? I suppose you were out of George Bush jokes?

    3. Never heard of the movie. But then I am somewhat of a hermit. Someday I'll show you a picture of me back in the 60's. I had the hair & beard, and always wondered where they were hiding the free love. I was neither republican nor democrat. Maybe that was the problem.


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