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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I just feel tired...

I think it is the whole economy and the whole farming situation. It was very nice to see someone as enthusiastic as Mr. Winkle. I was enthused for almost a whole day.
Got to talking with a friend of mine about local farming. This whole grass seed market is dead. It is funny to see how many folks have become totally dependent on growing a luxury item. Golf courses are figuring out how to avoid reseeding, the whole push towards the green bs is also hurting. It is going to be back to small grains and specialty crops. But, there is no livestock industry left, dairy industry is going down. These idiots who tell you bigger is better should all be taken out behind the barn and, and, and, made to set on tacks!
If there were say lots more farms 100 clear up 800 acres, (less than 100 acres often means strange yuppie folks or horse farmers or gensing growers or alternate lifestyle folks) and those farms had 20 head of cattle, or a few hogs, and some chickens those people would be buying feed from other farmers in the area, and those with plenty of manure would be using the manure, and selling the extra, and if there were a few 350 cow dairies there would be silage to chop and corn to grow. If there were a few row crop farms there would be corn to haul and no one person could afford an expensive no-till drill or a monster combine or a 400hp tractor and a disk ripper and there people would practice conservation tillage-because it is their own farm and they have to look at the same ground every day... But it won't happen. Everyone thinks they have a vision from Donald Trump to be the biggest farmer there every was, and every farmer thinks he is the best farmer there ever was.
In other news, we are almost done with straw baling. Got a little peaved with employee yesterday. He has been baling for me for 10 years I think. I had just left the field with the stacker and he wanted me to come back and fix a knotter. I said, "look under the hood by the knotter fan, there is a decal with pictures of broken knotts. Find the one that looks like your problem and do what it says." He grumbled a bit but called back a half hour later and said he fixed it. Good Job Bill!
Later he called and said the swather kept dying. I went over looked at it with him. We pretty much decided it was the fuel pump. Actually that was Bill's opinion to begain with and we just did some basic trouble shooting and decided that was most likely the problem. (diesel Hesston 6610) I called a friend to ask his advice and Bill got tired of waiting and he took the fuel pump apart. Note: not the injector pump, the fuel pump. By the time I got off the phone he had the pump apart and found some broken seal parts lodged in the diaphram. He put it back together and it worked!
Have 14 blocks of wheat straw to bale and 20 acres of thin barley straw to bale. I bale the barley straw to put into ponds to kill algae so I'm putting those in 2-tie. If it will bale it... Lots of bent bales yesterday. Forgot what a PIA a Freeman 200 can be...

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