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Friday, April 15, 2016

My education continues

Yesterday I went to lunch with the pastor of the church I have started re-attending. 
He is an interesting fellow. I am optimistic but just a tad skeptical. It's kind of hard to explain. His family seems to be pretty well adjusted so probably no ego issues at home.
I have to commend him on a good follow-up with lunch. He is reeling me in. If he read me correctly he will assign me some minor responsibility which will set the hook.
I returned to work.
The grumpy mechanic wanted to see me. He is one of my favorite people at work.
He wanted to know if I still had my decibel meter app in my phone.
He got "in trouble" from the safety lady for playing his music too loud.
So we checked his sound levels. 
Normal conversation with the fan on was 80 decibels, the fan was 50 decibels, heavy metal thunder in the middle of the shop was 86 decibels and at the speaker, 90 decibles. But he also wears ear protection all day.
I don't think the volume will decrease.
I found out from another employee what happened. 
The mechanic called out safety lady for not following through with the lawnmower insurance claims and something else. I think it was disposal of things she had deemed hazardous.
He did it in the depart head meeting.
She retaliate by declar his music to be ear damaging.
Emotionall damaging in my opinion but my opinion doesn't count.
And that is how it works in a bureaucracy.


  1. I believe it's called "chicken sh_t."

  2. And you find the same thing at the DMV, IRS, TSA, ETC.

    Grace and peace.


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