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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Budd E Shepherd's wall of inferior sound

I have been accumulating speakers for The Lulu Shepherd Summer Movie Series. I tend to take interesting stuff if it free (the Tandbergs) and Bose 101's are semi water resistant so I can set them on the lawn.
It sound pretty bad at this point. Perhaps some tinkering is in order.
I could use this receiver as an amp and
have a Dynaco surround sound decoder. It is non powered and works kind of like a speaker crossover to send sounds to separate speakers. I'd provide a link but it is too hard to do with google's pathetic blogger app. Look up Dynaco qd II for more correct info. I suspect it won't work correctly on a mono sound source but it does give me four speakers to cover up the projector noise.
I've been nervously awaiting my purchase of The Blues Brothers which was supposedly on its way from Australia. 
I decided it was airmailed via Ford Trimotor. 
Apparently is has been in the back seat of the car for a week...
But I could digress...
lulu and her mother want to go to England so the summer movie series is a fund raiser of sorts. There will be a donation can and Lulu's silk screen t-shirts are planned.
planed is the key word. Lots of things are planned.
Not all happen.
The movie list includes, numerous short cartoons. Mostly woody woodpecker or farmer alfalfa.
Movies: blues brothers, King Kong, Gum Ball Rally, also six episodes of hogans heroes, one episode of Surfside Six, random other short films.
We shall see...
Need more hours per day.

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