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Thursday, February 4, 2016

A rainy day and I get un-jimpacted

A short post because my MacBook pro won't start up. I call it semi-pro, perhaps I should downgrade it to amateur
But I digress...
It is raining, actually pouring.
We discussed diversity for an hour at the morning meeting.
So far, every other grounder has either texted me or thanked me in person.
One hour out of the rain is taking happiness where you find it.
So... I'm working on a flower bed in the pouring rain. I get mixed up on a simple pruning situation. Because my brain is failing. So I get in the passenger side of my cart and attempt to look it up on the internet.
Of course the phone won't work because my fingers are wet.
I look to my right.
My supervisor has walked across the grass and around the building to ask me what I'm doing.
I show him my phone.
I say, this looks bad doesn't it...
He says yes, someone will complain to me later.
I look at him. He is soaking wet.
I think I am no longer "Jimpated"
Later I told the Hispanic guys who have been training me and they laughed at me, then the whole break room laughed at me and started giving me info on secret warm and dry places to play with my phone...

I could add that the plant I was looking up was Oregon Grape and it's a weed. I wanted to see if I could get it to go up and not out and if it would do bushy at the cuts. This is a dumb question and I did not want to reinforce my incompetence to other groundskeepers.

Now it will be brought up by the super in morning meeting and everyone will laugh at him for not knowing what to do with the plant.

The joys of a real job...

UPdate: and then I heard the blare of a car horn. I jumped. It was my wife with a metal water bottle of scalding hot coffee and chocolate. A handwarmer.

I felt loved...


  1. Pruned plants, weeds or not, come back. The hot coffee was heartwarming. I remember when things like that used to happen. You must be doing things right.

    1. I found out this morning I pruned them too close to the ground but it also really didn't matter.
      I did appreciate the hot chocolate.

  2. Your wife is a sweetie. You should keep her. And bring her doughnuts.

  3. Very nice article to read first thing in the morning!!Thanks for sharing!

  4. You need to have your cell phone excuses handy. Hey, do you know how long this rain is going to last. Hey, I was just trying to call you. My wife just called, there's some kind of emergency, but I think I've reassured her that she can handle it.

  5. What the kids at school always tell me is that they were just turning it off. I don't believe it but your super might.

    Grace and peace.

  6. Wives can be handy things to have, supervisors, not so much.


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