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Saturday, December 26, 2015

I interrupt my vacation to complain about Blogger and My Galaxy 5s

I have moved away from home computers. My MacBook is having issues and I just don't feel like wiping the hard drive and reinstalling a system that I don't really like anyway. I switched from an iPhone to a Galaxy 5s. It was not an improvement.
I'm typing this blog on my daughter's Acer chromebook and it is really pretty decent. Here is what I don't understand.
I use Blogger which is a Google owned product. I use the app for my smart phone. The app makes it really hard to follow other people's blogs or to moderate comments. The app for the Galaxy 5s puts a strange photo of rain on Facebook when I try to link it to my Facebook page. It also makes it hard to place photos. Basically, the Google app for Blogger is really pathetic. But yet... Google employees get paid a lot of money to do, well... what do they do? Make programs worse? Remove features? I don't really get it.
I spent the day at the beach.
I saw dolphins frollicking in the surf. I saw pale white chicks with horrible tattoos.
I walked to a bookstore with my daughter and almost bought a Crazy Kat cartoon book.
I may go see MuddyValley's stained glass window tomorrow. But the church is an hour a way. I have a feeling it won't happen.
I'm going to go back to work eventually.
I hate being old...


  1. I have numerous desktops and notebooks. The Samsung Chomebook is my goto device 95% of time. The Blogger app on the iPhone is not well-regarded but I never use it. When I want to something worthwhile with Blogger I switch to the HTML view. Moving to Wordpress is the logical thing to do. Enjoy the sand and the pale white girls. Work blows. Don't worry about getting older. Have fun.

    1. I'm really starting to like this chromebook and the applications that come with it. I think I could get used to it. I've thought about Wordpress quite a bit. I'm not good with change.

  2. Having only the five year old windows laptop, I don't know much about apps. I hear ipads and smart phones use them but I am still using a phone from the last century so have no use for apps, yet.

    1. You can post a photo directly to your blog with a smartphone. A smartphone with a good blogging app could make blogging a lot more fun.

    2. I have been writing my blog with my smartphone but the app doesn't let me read my blog list and it is hard to comment on other blogs and/or respond to my blog comments. The Galaxy is worse. I'm using the chromebook right now.

  3. I know nothing about phone aps, tablets or Galaxy 5s anything. I use an old desktop computer that I been using for like 6 years and I am very happy with and comforted by the familiar way it works even when this technology urge seems to make everything else change around me.

    I hate getting old too.

    I think I gave myself a hernia the other day.

    I was once sexually molested by a four year old dolphin names Savannah. I tried to explain to her she was a fish (I know not a fish but it made my point) and I had been hurt before but she wasn't deterred. Her handler made me leave the big pool we were in before she got violent.

    1. Well that was a nice romantic story! I'm staying away from the dolphins.

  4. You would miss the eighth wonder of the world for the sake of a short (all things are relative) ride?

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. You are missing the currently falling snow here. Wet & not sticking.


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