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Friday, April 3, 2015

We interrupt this blog about aliens and stupid hats to mourn the passing of Ed Winkle

My brother came to my house at lunch time to point me to NewAgTalk. Ed Winkle has left this vale of sorrow for the great hereafter. 
I suspect everyone there is quite positive and they all practice no-till planting, always use the proper inoculant, and are quite happy.
It would seem that many of my favorite people are dying. Went to a memorial just the other day for a really decent man who lived an interesting life and, well, he was just a really good guy.
What do you say?
Perhaps I will go look at my White planter and read the label on my humic acid container out of respect.
I will miss Ed and his HiMarkHighSpots.


  1. Usually, the doctors kill those who the disease can't. He's there waiting for us now, even though we never met him in this life.

  2. Yes, I read that with great shock on NAT earlier this aft. Quite unexpected as his last blog post was only a few days ago and he sounded pretty positive. As a fellow blogger we shared the occasional comment and I will miss his knowledgeable and thoughtful blog posts.

  3. I had a huge amount of respect for Ed W. He maintained a positive outlook despite a number of setbacks, he was always ready to help someone, give advice, welcome them to NewAgTalk, share his faith in a positive way. It is an absolute shame that he died.
    I hope people take notice of his life and strive to improve their own. His example has inspired me.

  4. Ed was one of the most genuinely positive and helpful people I've had to good fortune to cross paths with, I'm unsure if there are tractors in the afterlife, but if there are you can bet Ed's on a classic Oliver or White.


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