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Thursday, April 16, 2015


I want my old dentist back. I think I would gladly give Lisa my triumph and my entire collection of Freddy fender albums if she would just come in and give me the shot and talk me through the visit.
Tooth wouldn't go numb so I got second shot. I hate needles.
Whole side of my head is numb. 
I can't sit in this parking lot forever.
There is a local airport, I think I have enough money for a one way to Florida.
I ain't ever coming back.
I quit drinking Pepsi.
I hate novacane.
I hate dentists.
No solid food for 24 hrs...

Update, made it across town. Can't feel my ear or nose but yet my brain hurts.
This is why you need to practice driving drunk, safe driving, when you are young.
What the heck did they give me?

Made home, found rocking chair, doing much better...


  1. Yikes. Well, you are right. You should really go with the dental treatment that suits you needs the most, and one that is least problematic and discomforting. I hope you will be able to get a better dental treatment in the future. There's certainly more than a few dental clinics that you can check out in your area. Good luck!

    Milton Wilson @ A Plus Family Dentistry

    1. My new dentist is a good dentist. He is very fast. But my previous dentist was better at calming my dental phobia. I don't want to try another different dentist. It could be worse.

  2. I have an ampule of novacaine that a dentist friend gave me a while back. Alro several pairs of fence pliers. Can I be of any assistance? After I work on you, you will no longer be afraid of a real dentist.


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