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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Another friend died

All my heroes are dying or dead.
I think I will take a break for a while...
It was a beautiful day at Muddy Valley.
He should post more.
Read his blog.
He has pictures of spiders...


  1. I would say that I'm still alive but I guess that would be insensitive. Seriously though, I know the feeling. I went through a similar phase a few years ago where I felt like all I did was go to funerals for people who I actually liked. Hang in there..........

    1. I saw your combine yesterday... May be using it this summer...

  2. Most of the people I've cared about are now waiting on the other side, Budd. I know that I'll see them again, but it makes it a little lonely HERE sometimes.

  3. The closer I get to being "older" the more I realize people and experiences of great meaning to me are gone. Unfortunately that's just how it works. Ride the new motorcycle.

  4. One of the unfortunate facts of this life is that the older we get , the more of our friends and acquaintances die. I'm seeing it. Well I will just focus on the goal of taking a drive in the rusty old Mercury any day now. Still too muddy to even think of field work at this point.

  5. I should have said I feel like taking a break because after blogging every other day for years I can't really stop.


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