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Monday, February 2, 2015

Why you should run your oats through a debearder and other musings from a Lazy Farmer

We have had a week or so of non-rain. I'm not saying it was dry weather, I'm just saying it didn't rain. I have several planting jobs but since the fog has been of the pea soup variety which keeps the dirt quite well hydrated, I've been doing things other than planting.
Thursday was the first day I could do anything. I planted 5 acres. Friday I planted 30 acres and moved to a new field.
Saturday I planted 20 acres and moved ten miles and planted another 12 acres.
The nubs are still on my new tires.
Saturday did not start well.
The fog returned and the drill continually plugged seed tubes.
This happened more than once. I'd just get going good and, "beep, beep, beep, beep, beep..."

The problem was this.

I think it was an odd combination of the amply applied seed treatment,  the fog, and the seed company did not run the oat seed through a debearder to remove the tails.

The little sharp beards on grains like wheat, barley, tails on oats, tend to stick in the rubber seed tubes. Strangely enough they don't plug my 1953 Minneapolis-Molne slope side grain drill nearly as bad as it has metal seed tubes.
The high moisture in the air causes the steel box to sweat and the seed treatment sticks to the metal and plastic in the drill. This slows down the seed rate and causes plugging.
To illustrate this, I started in drive three at 60 on the scale. This gave me 105lbs/acre at 1.0 million seeds per acre (or so the counter says)  As I progressed the Loupe Population monitor showed the seeds per acre dropping to 900,000 and then to 800,000. To get back to 1 million seeds I ended up opening up the drill to 65, 75, and then 80. The problem is that the population monitor can't read a huge stream falling past the sensor so it is not a one to one relationship between what is planting and what the monitor reads. You can't always just open the drill to match the monitor reading and be exact.
But, I was pretty close.

I planted at my old house. When I moved my landlord said I could leave my Studebaker truck in the barn. I likes Studebakers.  Tweekers have looted the place as no one lives there anymore. They stole the radiator, horn button, Studebaker emblem, and the cheap ropes out of the cab. 

They left my log chain and booster cables. I know this sounds harsh but sometimes I'm glad meth is poison...

Yesterday we went to visit my wife's father. He looks tired. He does like Spike jones and he admitted to writing Kilroy Was Here" on random stuff during WW2.
I did not tell anyone that I thought of seeing the slogan after that girl bent over in front of me at GoodWill.

This is what I found at GoodWill. I couldn't resist The Monkeys.


  1. Seems to me the only oats here that have beards(tails) are the wild ones and they are black. I like the Studebaker and glad to see the meth heads and scrappers have not destroyed it yet. Meth heads must be the modern day equivalent of Zombies?

    1. This was foundation seed stock to breed cayuse oats. I should look at one of the tags and see what important details it contains.

  2. Like Ralph, I'm glad the "bones" of the truck are okay, and I think he's right about the zombies.

    1. Eventually I will have to move it home where it will sit outside and rust...

  3. You use a debearder because you want clean oats! Have you ever tried to eat your own oats? A neighbor bought a kitchen mill and we ground up some of the Ohio Certified SRWW we grew. It was pretty good. I would think your oats and soft white wheat would even be more useful.

    1. The person I planted for suspected that the oats were not cleaned. I'm not sure why as they were foundation seed stock and so I would have expected them to be perfectly clean.

  4. A ninety year old acquaintance hired a meth-head as a care giver. She stole his wife's drugs, wrecked their card, ran up $20k on their credit cards and wrote a lot of checks. They're out ~$30k. The geezer wants to work with her and help her get rehabilitated. I suggested just getter her more meth.

    1. The use of meth is its own reward...
      Work with her had help her get rehabilitated is a nice idea. He will most likely end up a 90 year old crime victim, again, much worse.
      The meth heads are amazingly friendly and sincere. And then all your tools are missing. Meth head care givers have committed so horrible crimes!


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