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Monday, February 9, 2015

What is better than having a forklift on your farm?

Having two forklifts on your farm!

I had no way to lift of the back of the Mercury-Pettibone. It is too low to the ground for a bottle jack and the Harbor Freight floor jack just won't do it.
So I used the Other forklift to lift the back end of the Mercury-Pettibone and put it on blocks.
As you may recall, I had to replace a ball joint tie rod end.
I discovered that the thrust bearing on the kingpin failed. This helped contribute to the tie rod failure. I fixed it by using a bolt together spacer collar and a lot of grease. I have no idea how long this will last. I will add kingpins for the forklift to the long list of repair projects.
"Triage," is what it could be called at this point...

To Do List:

-Rebuild 2-135 engine
-Fix a/c and various oil leaks on G1355, paint if I have time
-Replace auger bearing in mixer/grinder
-Fix massive oil leak on 806 IH, put gauges and wiring harness together, change oil, change clutch, fix loader.
-New clutch in NH 1085 stacker, replace third member in Rear end, rebuild main hydraulic valves and lift cylinders, rebuild brakes.
-Rebuild FWA on 2-155 number 2
-Find a combine, buy it...
-Rebuild sprayer
-Stand the fallen grain bin back up
-Put hoist under Ford L8000
-Tear down old barn
-Sell hay
-Take a nap...

I think I will start at the bottom of the list...


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