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Monday, February 9, 2015

The morons at Google disabled my adsense account

Well, this was an interesting experiment. Should you consider monetizing your blog remember that Google is kind of useless and annoying.
Google cannot recognize that you or someone using your computer may click on an adsense link by accident. They can store your IP address for ever, they know that your computer is clicking on the advertisement, so if they know then all they have to do is NOT COUNT THE CLICK. But, no the clever 16 year olds who do the programming at Google think that users of adsense are making money by repeatedly clicking on their own advertising and so they suspend your account. That is not how it works. You click on your friend's blog and your friend clicks on your blog. It is not that hard...
Honestly, does anyone ever buy anything through Google Adsense?
Compare this with Amazon links and keyword advertising. Amazon makes sure you actually buy something. I use Amazon links on other peoples blogs when I buy things and I know people use mine. I just need to get more readers...
Irritates me that I'm not getting my gift card for $51. Of course I never did get around to providing Google with a mailing address or valid email to get that gift card.


  1. Sorry, I just never remember to click on your amazon search box when I am looking for something. Actually with our 80 cent dollar I don't look at buying much South of the border now. Has to be now.

    1. It is ok. I think one has to have a bit more readership to make money on a blog!

  2. So they're saying you clicked them yourself and taking the money from you?

    1. No... They don't say what policy I violated.
      Sunday night I go hit by six spam comments which had links.
      However, Sunday morning I clicked on a link to a link to a record I was bidding on ebay. I was a bit bleary (note the post was about overfilling my coffee cup)... I was thinking it was my amazon link. I think i got myself in trouble somehow as I'm prone to do silly things by accident and then wonder why I did them...


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