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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Morning Vinyl

I bought Vassar Clements, "The Bluegrass Session," some time ago. I've never got around to playing it.
This is because it was intimated to me that depressing bluegrass music is not the way to start a Sunday morning.
I guess it doesn't go well with an omelette.
My wife is gone and so Lulu is here to be subjected to my culinary experiments (obsession with the perfect omelette) and odd musical tastes.
So I put on Vassar Clements.

It starts with the old standard, "Six more miles to the Graveyard," or is it eight miles, I forget...and while the banjo picking is pretty fine and the sound on the old record is very good. Nice sharp individual notes, good tone on the bass, wait a second, there is a serious baseline going on here!
I get the first omelette done, sausage, mushroom, and no cheese, I was going to use a cheese stick but then thought better of it and chopped up a green onion, and serve it to Lulu.
She pronounces it a success!
I turn the record over.
I didn't read any reviews before putting this on and so was a bit surprised when I realized I'm hearing some sort of Hillbilly Jazz. These cats are scattin' like the infamous Alley Cats in Lady in the Tramp! (I have no idea why that image came to mind)
As I continue my blog post I find a little Western Swing, a little Blues, and I'm kind of impressed. The only down side is I think I have heard enough "bluegrass classics" and while "Nine Pound Hammer," and "Rocky Top," are fine pickin' songs, I've heard them more than once.
Perhaps in 1972 no one had heard "Rocky Top," 50,000 times.
Should have included "Wildwood Flowers."
No one but Flying Pig Fiddle and Banjo will play my favorite, "Bonaparte's Retreat."


  1. Pretty good. Rockytop and Bonaparte's Retreat go way back in my memory. I have a Hank Williams CD I play once in a while and the first tune I go to (and even sing along with!) is "Lovesick Blues". There are some decent modern versions of it out there too.

  2. A good Christian raisin' and an 8th grade education!

  3. The omelette and the music both sound good!

  4. Them fellers playing it way too slow and slick.


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