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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Interesting times...

So this retired guy is bringing home his antique gun and he gets stopped and the cops ask to search his car.
1. NEVER carry a gun in you glove box not even if it is a toy squirt gun.

2. The cops took the very valuable gun. (of course) and let him go.

3. They came back with four cars and beat on his door early the next morning.

The cops get a lot of blame but the problem with excessive force and police state tactics goes higher up the chain. The county prosecutor made the decision to come back "early" in the morning. Lucky he didn't get tased or shot.

You can read about it and contribute to his legal defense fund here.


  1. This is one more proof that gun control has NOTHING to do with crime.

  2. Good Grief! Law enforcement needs to spend as much time going after real criminals as they do on small time stuff like this. No crime committed by this guy as far as I can read.

  3. What state? New Jersey. The garden state. An insult to America.


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