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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Interesting people who read one's blog

I find the blogger statistic page interesting. I've noticed that my readership from random searches has dropped since I have been banned from GoogleAdsense forever.
Probably just a coincidence...
What I wonder about are the visits from non-English speaking countries. Are they spambots or just there for the pictures?
This morning I got a comment on a post about forklifts and snakes from someone in India (I think). It is either a really good robot that was able to incorporate all the main points of my post or a real person who has an old points ignition vehicle and is a bit nonplused by modern automotive technology.

"Properly right now When i tend not to feel too poor generating a "new for you to me" ninety seven Blazer. I reckon that nearly all of our devices (and it's possible myself) are getting to be dinosaurs although many of us simply continue going. And also you usually are proper, it really is receiving difficult to find anyone who is aware of how to focus on carburetors in addition to ignition points.. in addition to draglines."

I looked up the GooglePlus site associated with the person and it seems to be discussions of medical stuff. Not sure if it is advice or spam.
Kind of interesting.
What do you-all think?


  1. Spam. But then I tend to be pretty cynical and untrusting. I see a lot of the hits on my blogs come from some strange url that I don't even dare click on for fear where it will lead me. I have one specific post on the Nevard blog that received constant numerous hits that I know are spam. Some even make it to my mailbox with what appears to be almost blog related comment but always with a little blue link to click. Right, I'll be clicking that soon.

  2. Looks like you have a female follower in Indonesia.
    Her tagline "Berjuanglah Menjalani Kehidupan Ini" translates to "Living Life Fight It".

  3. I'd guess spam. Some folks get a weird thrill just by having their name, real or not, spread around as much as possible. I would, too, if it paid anything! lol

  4. just give him the carburetor advice and hope you are helping a real person.
    God gives you credit for it.

  5. Sore loser at scrabble, loose on the internet.

  6. i get really weird search results also. from the butcher posts. people are weirdos.

  7. I think I'm being used for communication between international art thieves. It is a coded message. Alex and Neal caffery. He is not really dead...

  8. Some of these are spam. However, I get a lot of visitors from other countries. Sometimes the link goes back to a page from my blog but translated into their language.

    1. But why? I don't see the point. How does it benefit them?


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