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Friday, January 9, 2015

The ramp is completed

For those of you waiting with nervous anticipation as to if I met the 10 a.m. deadline for construction of a handicapped access ramp for my house...
It was more like 11:55 and it ain't up to ADA code. But I did it for practically no out of pocket expense.
The 4"x6" beams were from someone who owed me for hay five years ago. The decking was part of a trade I made 14 years ago but there was a question of ownership and I didn't want to argue with anyone so I left it where it was. It was in a shed and so is in good condition. I called the current renter and he said if it was still there then no one was ever going to claim it and as far as he was concerned it was mine. 
There was enough to do a 20 foot truck bed but intending to re-deck a truck is not the same as doing it. I think the ramp was a better use for it than setting in a shed for another ten years.
(My lovely and gracious wife is in charge of railings.)

In other news....

I was able to hit 102 decibels with the forklift. I am somewhat proud of myself. I suppose this explains my choices in music...

And, sometimes I think loading hay is a two person job. I have to climb to the top of the stack for two bales and then I have to get back down again. Getting back down again is more difficult than getting on top of the stack to begin with.

And, I've made a total of $17 from Google adsense.


  1. nicely done! wait SERIOUSLY with the ad thing? damn, brother, i got to get in on that.. hum....

  2. What good's a band without a forklift, chainsaw and hammer mill section?

    1. If you can play fiddle music with a johnny popper in the background then what do you play with a screaming Detroit?

  3. 17. That'll probably put you into the next tax bracket.

  4. $17! how many hits do you get a day? That sounds pretty good to me!
    Like the ramp. Looks good to get some speed off!

    1. That is not $17 in one day. It is $17 in two months. Thanks for your approval on the ramp. I'm not much of a carpenter and am in awe of your abilities. It is actually not terribly steep. I am almost positive I can push a wheel chair up it.


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