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Sunday, January 4, 2015


The lazy farmer ink blot test?

A truck

A hanicapped parking spot at aGoodwill store... Next to a porn shoppe

When I thought I was cooler than I was, 

When I was optimistic 


  1. Hey, an old kodachrome. Well I have survived Christmas and New Years so I am optimistic. I did not freeze my nose riding the open tractor with a hay bale at -32 this morning and the sun is shining. Life is not too bad. Or maybe simple things please simple minds.

  2. So did you ever build a copy of the rack on the back of that red truck you took a picture of?

  3. That the dashing young fellow behind America's favorite irregular newspaper in the glory days of print, postage and baler babes?
    Downstream from Ralph here, not going to be above +1 F for a couple days, they're talking 5 to 8 inches snow on a stiff wind before tomorrow night is over.

    1. I'm on it. Did that New Year's Eve but didn't have to dig space out of a four foot drift first. Just wasn't rght.

  4. The Amazon ad is for a Bill Cosby CD. That's special.

    What's the truck?

    1. The truck is a bull nose or bubble nose Kenworth. Probably late 1950's I would guess. There was also an IH 2+2 tractor. Interesting collection of farm equipment at an old dairy.


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