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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Jury duty

So I arrive on time. There is coffee. The waiting begins.
I start the day bored.
I brought a notebook to make some lists.
Instead I draw a man. For some reason the man then becomes a robot, who the pops a spring.
I draw squares and add sound effects.

I start on a new robot.
Not my best work. Perspective is off and I'm not sure how to attach the arms or head.

I was going to have him playing a trombone but didn't leave room when drawing his clockwork mechanism. 
Then I started thinking about the song "Johnny 99" and was contemplating starting in on a new robot in the context of jury duty.

Then the judge shows up and says the defendant has wandered off and we can go home.
Back to work...

Here is Johnny 99 anyway...


  1. I may have jury duty coming up in two weeks. I will have to remember to bring a drawing pad along.

  2. I've been listening to his American recordings (the last five albums he did) in the workshop lately. Some good stuff in there. Hurt is still my favourite.I like the robots!

    1. Robots face discrimination when attempting to comment on blogs. Not all robots are spammers. The Japanese have robots that do all sorts of things. Perhaps they even have sheep robots which can cook.

  3. Self-employed folks rarely have trouble getting out of jury duty, since it usually creates hardship. Then again, maybe you just wanted to do your civic duty.

    1. I went once & it was a waste of time case. The next timet I told them I had too much work to do & got out of it.

    2. I have gotten out of Jury Duty in the past. My call was for August but I got it delayed till now. I don't really care one way or another. I have theological issues and taking jury duty is somewhat of a statement to myself. The people I have gone to church with compromise their anabaptist belief though being good businessmen and running organizations according to modern administrative practices. I'm serving on Jury Duty and drinking Elijah Craig, but I suppose I'm wrong because I'm choosing my sin? I could go on and on and on...

  4. That first robot is obviously guilty.

    1. misunderstood, it was society that made him what he is... he was a good jr. robot... but robots are discriminated against and become filled with rage...


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