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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Goats attack house

Tin cans and blackberry leaves could not contain two goats who went on a rampage after discovering their favorite junk pile had been given to the scrap metal guy.
The two goats, named Percy and Annabeth, took out their frustrations by destroying a small house.
Small house is shown as in perfectly habitable and easily restorable condition. As you can seed the goats have yet to find the forklift which may have been used in the destruction of the house.
"What if Uncle Alfred's descendants return to claim his bed and oil stove?" asked the nude new Proprietor of a local farm store who we will refer to as "R."
"Fortunately we have saved lots of other good stuff," said Budd E. Shepherd who we shall refer to as "BS"
One neighbor has suffered a severe crisis of faith after seeing a scrap trailer at the farm. "Could it be that heck has really frozen over?" said that neighbor who will only be identified as "BS2."
Another neighbor also noted that pigs had been flying out of his bottom but was not sure if that was due to eating at a local eatery.
The goats have been voraciously consuming blackberries in an attempt to find hidden piles of tin cans and old tractor parts.
Percy is shown in an obvious effort to hotwire forklift
"There is nothing like a vintage tractor steering wheel for a mid afternoon snack," said Percy while head butting another board off of the former home of Uncle Alfred.
"I prefer the more delicate flavor of IH truck fenders," said Annabeth.
"Actually they just said, "Baaa, Baa, snort, snort," I assume that is what they are saying," said Hero of American youth and Blog editor BS-1.

Alfred's house after Goat Attack


  1. Deelicious! Not the house. The color green. Green grass, green mold. Even the rust on the junk iron looks green. I'm probably hallucinating. We have deep snow, Fahrenheit playing tag with zero for too many weeks. No green around here til April.

    1. BBQing and fiddling your winter away. The rocker creaking in time to the music. A trusty stock dog or two staring at the corner cause there just might be a mouse hole that has yet to appear. Ah, the relaxed life...

  2. Why would you destroy a perfectly good house? It might have been very useful. The Mother in law may be the next to move in.

    1. Just a nail here and a little bracing there and it would be as good as new. The floor is still there. Mother in law has left this vale of sorrows and so her unexpected appearance would be a tad disconcerting.

  3. Those goats just have no sense of propriety!

  4. Those goats must be the ultimate natural re-cycling system.

  5. here. you need this:

    1. Now if only the legendary stardust cowboy would sing about goats


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