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Friday, January 30, 2015

"Get off my lawn," Clint Eastwood threatened to Shoot Michael Moore, (YES!) and I actually do work...

I love the Daily Mail. I it so trashy and their spelling and punctionatiol is worse than mine!
Michael Moore is seeking more publicity by keeping the American Sniper criticism going by giving out periodic quotes.
I have read a lot of war books including the book by Carlos Hathcock. I think I could not be a sniper. I think it might mess you up just a little bit.
I am not all that comfortable with the American Sniper movie. There is some controversy about it, you can look that up.
I just think it is pretty funny that Michael Moore is such a whiner.
(Quote is link to article and please note the quote is out of context with Moore's Sniper quote. The issue with Moore and Eastwood that this quote is from is several years old. Eastwood did not recently threaten to shoot Moore.)

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I had to laugh at the article. I could imagine Moore with a video camera outside Eastwood's house and Eastwood coming out with a Colt 1911 and telling him to get off his lawn.

In other news....
I actually planted 14 acres of oats yesterday.

This was not as successful as I would have hoped. The ground was a little on the wet side and when I would actually open up the throttle to get some work done the solenoid that turns on power to the cab would fail because White decided to mount it three inches from the exhaust manifold so every three years it melts.
And, despite all my wiring efforts, the automatic run/hold doesn't work. After some effort I figured out that the control panel switch had failed on one side, the automatic side. It was ok, I was planting in circles.


  1. The irony is that Michael Moore is helping Clint Eastwood sell tickets to American Sniper. I doubt Clint will return the favor on Michael's next movie.

  2. On the contrary, Perhaps it is payback.
    It is kind of funny. The quote is several years old. Has nothing do to with current events. All my liberal friends are all going off on how crazy Clint Eastwood is.
    But sometimes I do wonder. Both sides sure seem to help each other out with the publicity. Clint Eastwood helped Michael Moore sell his stupid movie with the "I'll shoot you" quote which caused a liberal uproar. Perhaps MM is helping him back with the tie in to American Sniper.

  3. Years ago I watched Dick Cavette (sp?) interview Truman Capote. Mr. Capote's commentary on Marlon Brando (and actors in general) was something to the effect that "they are idiots, all they can do is act. Don't expect anything else."

    The sniper thing is a bit annoying. In a sense everyone serving in the military (and NSA, etc.,etc.) is a hero in the sense of providing a component piece in the broad system of "national defense," so the guy that happens to read the wind and know his elevations and pull the trigger on the .50 is simply one part of the system. It's not all that tough to watch the person get pasted because it is a bad guy by action or by definition and he/she would kill you in a heartbeat. I've read the White Feather book, too (and I actually may have been at Camp Perry at the same time he was) and he, too, would not consider himself a hero for his sniping. He did take heroic action pulling people out of a burning APC. Really I'm not all that found of Michael Moore and Eastwood is fine as an actor and director but I don't want to listen to him talk about anything else.
    The tractor electronics success and opportunities are more interesting.
    I'm not sure if this rambling is agreeing or disagreeing. My driveways is covered with ice and melting water. I tried to chip at it with a shovel but in MN the ground is frozen like a rock, probably four or more feet down. The concept of planting anything is still at least three months away.

  4. I appreciate the opportunity to post a more or less disorganized comment and random thought(s) which would require much editing on my own blog where I also would find Moore/Eastwood an inappropriate topic.

    1. Art, thanks for the discussion. I think to be successful as a sniper you have to be a special person. I read about Carlos Hathcock. I did not see the film in question. He was pretty methodical. One one hand it is like just pulling a lever, on the other hand it was just flat cold blood killing. Many people in the Military found it pretty disturbing.
      I won't see the film unless forced to see it.
      I don't like Michael Moore. I enjoyed Roger and Me until I had a brief stint in Journalism and realized how easy it is to ambush someone and edit reactions to prove your point. I resent Moore's fake documentaries his manipulation of reality. I think it is pretty ironic that Moore, who made his name in propaganda fake documentaries can criticize "American Sniper," with a straight face. At the same time I realize it is no real contradiction for him to do so as I suspect he finds himself quite credible.
      Also, I suspect Clint Eastwood is nuts. But I also kind of like him because he is nuts and threatened Michael Moore.

    2. Also, tractor electronics... I replaced the cab solenoid and wired it wrong so that the cab power is on ALL THE TIME. I just disconnected the battery when I quit tonight.

    3. One of my JD lawn tractors would drain between mowings. I got tired of disconnecting the battery and purchased a battery lever type switch. The cutoff switch is lost in a tool box or in the garage or in the barn or I've put it somewhere close to where I might actually install it. All killing is cold blooded but at least snipers have to watch, which is good. The pilots dropping the B-52 Arc Light loads killed a lot of people but did so while cruising at 10,000 feet with a hot cup of coffee.

  5. I've heard of but never seen the movie "Sniper". The only sniping I have done is from the hayloft of my barn at magpies when they were slowly pecking one of my bulls to death. Been a big fan of Clint Eastwood right back to the "Rawhide" days. And , get off my lawn should be my tag line.


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