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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What people don't understand about farming

Mindnumbing boredom going in circles with a tractor for hours.
And stress, weather, finances, alien abduction.

And out the view out the back window.


  1. You left out machinery malfunction and getting stuck in the mud.

  2. A long time ago, I helped a friend disc a field. We started out with a 1270 and 1370 pulling 15' discs on a quarter section. We made one round and I looked at the 28' we had just covered and thought "lets do that again!" I always sort of figured that meant I was cut out to be a farmer. I am not, but still enjoy when I get to do it a little bit.

  3. While I have occasionally fell asleep driving tractor I don't ever recall being bored. Certainly not yesterday driving in circles in ground far too muddy to work well. Stressful but everything worked and I was not even close to falling asleep, but close to stuck in the mud.

  4. I remember I used to do a lot of baling and I was sick of looking over my shoulder to check for broken bales.

  5. I'd like to do that, just be out there and go back and forth. I guess it pales on you with time but it sounds pretty good really.

  6. Sounds like a day of teaching but I can't get the tractor up the stairs.

    Grace and peace.

    1. could get a run at it... have front wheel assist


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