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Friday, September 12, 2014

I comment on the news

I've been watching the news...
First they said it was a visit to the beach, now it could be that her family is from Lincoln City. 
McMinnville said the girls kidneys had shut down and sent her to Portland, where she died.
I figured out the story three days ago, when I first heard the story.
The girl is dead, not because some local eatery had a bad sandwich, or didn't wash her hands, the girl is dead because the local hospital and the local doctor misdiagnosed her.
Yesterday we saw photos of investigators taking samples of something from the family home and we were given the name of the restaurant where the family ate lunch.
Today, we see the parents are thinking about a lawsuit against the local hospital. I wonder if they would have filed a lawsuit if they (the parents) were not subjected to an investigation.
This is how we deal with random acts which the authorities usually can't handle. We investigate the random act like it is going to happen every day and we make excuses for the idiots in charge...

2. Two days ago there was a teaser for a story about an Islamic fellow in Portland who was subjected to racist taunts by a TriMet bus driver.
I waited for the story. 
They showed a photo of the offended person. It was a white guy in what appeared to be a Yassir Arafat  costume, or it could have been a surplus Three Wiseman costume from GoodWill.
He was quite articulate and had quite a speech about discrimination.
I wonder...
Picture this: You are a TriMet bus driver who deals with crazy people in Portland every day. A moronic white guy gets on the bus who is pretending to be an Islamic Cleric and something sarcastic just slips out. Honestly, how could you keep it in?
And the tears and lawsuits follow....
I'm just saying...

The guy went to Tigard High School and has taken on an Islamic name and has a Facebook page. Perhaps he is for real but it is Portland. I just assume he is a freak.

UPDATE: The Islamic guy is in fact a crazy maroon. Don't know if he is really a Islamic, but he is a Maroon. Click here to read more about it.


  1. "And the tears and lawsuits follow...." This is my favorite news site. Seriously.

  2. Imagine how great medicine will be when it's totally "socialized." If we started shooting all muslims and looters, it would go a long way in solving the world's problems.

  3. The guy sounds like he fits perfectly into the category of "disgruntled American" who fly to Iraq, join ISIS and fight against America. I guess "freak" might be another way of expressing it.

    Grace and peace.

  4. As to the guy who thinks he is Islamic... There are people who move from one group to another. Crystals, Jesus, Budda, Allah, Atheist, and then they get a Chronic Card. I'm not sure you can take them all that seriously.
    I think they are the ones that get fitted for the special vests...

    1. The neck tattoo on that guy pretty much says it all.


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