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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

For a while I thought that there was a Dead Lady Found in my Hay Field. I was worried I had forgotten to lock my gate!

I am 90 percent sure it was the entrance to my field at Gopher Valley that the missing lady from Newberg turned up in.
Across from Walker Texas Ranger Steph Walker, little used side road, property owner called 911, canopy of trees, photos that look like my field. The owner of next field (which I used to also farm) lives in California so probably did not call 911.
They keep telling me to lock the gate. I am positive I did wire it shut when I finished with hay this year.  Perhaps I'll call my landlady tomorrow and find out for sure.
I almost went up there to help someone stack Monday. I always check the field. It could have been me to find her... Yikes! Good thing I'm a lazy farmer.
CLick here for the story!

UPDATE: After looking carefully at the video I think it is across the road. The field entrance is not one to the hay fields. I think it is the tree farm across the road.

SECOND UPDATE: Check out this link (CLICK HERE and watch video)  It was right across the road from me. Those are the neighbors that won't buy my hay and instead pay a lot of money for hay that is probably of lessor quality but doesn't come from right across the road.
That is a pretty obscure little road. It is pretty strange that she went though that gate.
Also, Steph Walker, interviewed in previous story, is the only person I've ever see to drive around with dueling banjos playing at high volume in his pickup truck.


  1. I closed the gate wire on my field a couple of weeks ago. You know...the one you left open?
    Dah da dah da da da da da dah
    Dah da dah da dah
    Dah da dah da dah
    Dah da da da da da da da dah
    Spell check is getting very confused.
    Too close to home!

    1. I left your gate wide open but closed the one at gopher valley. Just cause I do random stuff like that.


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