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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Another 900 dollar tire?

A friend came and helped me stack. We picked up nine semi-truck loads.
At 10:30 p.m. the other front tire went flat.
The only tire I could find last Saturday was an odd-ball 14 ply four rib tire that doesn't really seem like something you should be driving down the highway.
But...I had to stack and I bought it.
I really don't want combine steering axle tires on the front to the stacker.
It is supposed to rain.
I have 80 acres of wheat straw to stack for a neighbor and $5,000 worth of little two-tie bales for myself.
I feeling a bit annoyed...


  1. i read this as $900 TREE and thought, i'd be annoyed too.... hum.

    1. But if it were a really nice tree?

    2. Tree tie baler tread tired?
      It's raining here.

    3. for $900 it had better be the BEST tree. storms here.

  2. $900 attire would even make a banjo player feel like going to town.

    1. Like when Scruggs made it big & got Flatt long before before he retired.

  3. I certainly never tire of my clever commentators. Makes we want to listen to some LegendaryStardust cowboy.


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