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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

What a way to make a living

Thought I was overcharging at eight bucks for an 82 pound 14 x 18 hay bale and my wife saw the at wilco farm store for sixteen. 
Have 600 of them left to stack plus 20 acres for the neighbor and another five acres of three string bales for us and more to bale before the rain Thursday.
Got a call at 11 pm. Neighbor girl is having heart rythm problems while stacking and had to quit. 
Knocked bales out of my stack, had anger management isses and decided to give up and go to bed. 
Now I hear the siren for the volunteer fire department. Guess I will be getting up early to stack for the neighbor girl. 


  1. She turned out to not have had a heart attack. I broke a front spring on the stacker and was broke down for most of the morning. So, no blessings for me...


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