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Friday, June 27, 2014

Enough rain to stop hay but not enough to stop the irrigation

What I've been doing...
1. Hay: I've been picking up hay for the neighbor. Mostly on ground that I used to farm, next to ground that I used to farm.
I should have taken a photo. The place I farmed for years and lost every cent of my savings has been transformed. The other neighbor rented it for the same low rent as myself but he tiled it and planted grass seed. Of course the first planting failed, but he had the money to replant.  The tile and lime made all the difference in the world. I drove around in circles wondering how I could have come up with the money to do that with no bank loan....

2. I finished the hay stacking in the rain...

3. My father in law broke his shoulder ball socket. He has come to stay with us. He is deaf and makes sound effects to go with whatever he is doing. He is 91.

4. I have more work to do in the drizzling rain than I had to do when I was doing hay. But... I have a hard time focussing. Yesterday I gave my brother-in-law a farm tour, worked on the tractor a/c. Found out that despite telling my little helper to note which hose was matched to the S on the compressor head and then make sure he connected them back to the S and D on the new compressor, he did not.
The blue cap means low pressure, suction, S, and D means high pressure, (discharge). Sometimes the fittings on the top of the compressor are reversed.
The were...

5. Here is a video which shows what it looks like to follow a baler.

And now, I'm going to go attempt to install an irrigation pump to water some flax...


  1. And I need an irrigation pump to move some of the excess water off my flax fields. What? In dryland Sask.? You bet.

  2. Farming is mostly an uphill battle against the elements for crops to sell an unappreciative consumer.

    1. Who then makes a good profit when he re-sells it with little or no risk.

  3. i am very excited to hear more about your FIL

    1. It is now 10:30 p.m. He went to bed at around 8:30. He is now awake and singing quietly to himself.
      He is doing fine.

    2. he might be my new favorite person.

    3. Yeah, well if he was at your house talking his way though a bowel movement for the fourth time in one day....
      He is a good guy. He is in a lot less pain and was quite happy today.

  4. Love those videos, keep em coming! Helps me get an idea of what you're talking about when you describe what you're working on.

    1. Thanks, I see it all every day. I probably should document it more as we tend to stick with the old ways and then non shiny equipment.


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