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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Why we should all hate the gubment

Look at that smug prick congratulating himself. You see these people actually believe that their safety regulations are based on reality or that they even matter.
He thinks he matters. This is the guy that will be sending you to a re-education camp. It is for your own good.
Those $%^&* even took a Canadian guy's flute because it was made of bamboo and the idiots thought the bamboo could perhaps grow if soaked in water.
Idiots in run the USA...


  1. "Power, in all forms, corrupts" is part of the old saying.

  2. I could only watch 50 seconds of this.

    As it happens, I love older Land Rovers. This is awful.

    "Not for American roads." How self-righteous can you get. Wow, you saved our roads from a "non-compliant" English car! So glad to see my tax dollars going to such a just cause.

    I bet that wanker drives a Toyota.

  3. hell is a vast place for a reason.
    deb h.

  4. Well that was just a colossal waste of time, money, energy, etc. Could the vehicle not be salvaged for parts? Those wheels and tires look like they'd be worth lots. Don't tell me they don't meet American safety standards.

  5. What a waste. It could have been confiscated, re-licensed as the 2005 it actually was, not the older collectable it was being passed off as, and the money used for something positive. Right. That will be the day.

  6. It is Hogan's Heroes in reverse. Our nation is in the hands of idiots. Whether it is kids getting expelled for making gun fingers, Amish farmers raided by SWAT teams, Gibson Guitar raided by SWAT teams, it is insane and no one seems to care. In fact, most people seem to think it is a good idea. No wonder people around the world hate us.


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